55 Stunning, Modern Horizontal Fence Ideas

Here are the collection of 55 Stunning, Modern Horizontal Fence Ideas

Check out these latest modern horizontal fence ideas to fuel the next exterior makeover for your home.

Your fence is the first part of your home that becomes visible to your guests. Other than adding security and defining the boundaries, this part of the house also maintains aesthetic properties. It’s just natural that you want it to blend with other elements of your house exterior.

You may want to keep it suburban to emphasize this side of your lifestyle. Or you may choose modern styles to showcase your willingness to keep up with time. Traditional, vertical fences may work better for you if you want a more conventional look or if you want to keep the upfront cost down. But most houses are using horizontal fences because of associated durability.

So, if you want your fence to last for decades, use these modern horizontal fence ideas.

Front Yard Fence Ideas

These are some ideas you can use to define your front yard boundaries while maintaining – as well as enhancing – the beauty of your yard.

1. Take Picket Fence to a New Level

Take Picket Fence to a New Level

Modern horizontal fence style is getting a fence with lots of wood plants and attaching vertical plants in between. You can replace these vertical wood plants with aluminum bars to beautify them even more. Also, add aluminum at the base to support the whole structure.

2. Simple Wooden Fence

Simple Wooden Fence

At 3 feet high, it’s high enough to prevent balls from accidentally entering your premises but low enough to give away a welcoming aura. Stain it in natural wood color and be ready to varnish it from time to time to help it fight the weather effect.

3. Dark Stained Simple Wood Fence

Dark Stained Simple Wood Fence

The dark stain is not the most used shade for wooden fences. But it’s sleek and modern.

4. Tall Plank Fence

Tall Plank Fence

Horizontal fences don’t have to be extravagant, overly decorated. You can use a common fence with enough height and proper corners.

If you want privacy you should keep the planks closer to each other and finish it off with aluminum corners.

5. Mix up Wood and Masonry

Mix up Wood and Masonry

It’s not a must for fences to take wood or metal from the ground up. To support it into the ground, you can use half-walls. For beauty and further privacy, you can add a horizontal wood fence on top of it.

6. Mix up Aluminum and Masonry

Mix up Aluminum and Masonry

Wood is not the only material you can use for the horizontal front yard. If you want to exploit your resources in a more stylish and modern manner, you would want a contracting fence that is not necessarily achieved by wood.

In that case, you can build an aluminum horizontal front on top of a half-wall in your front yard.

7. Wooden Fence with Lattice Screen

Wooden Fence with Lattice Screen

You want to block most of the view but allow the visitors to know if their presence is acknowledged once they have announced, use this fence idea. It starts like an ordinary fence with horizontal planks attached. This part of the fence is compact enough to block the view. Once the human height is achieved this way, you attach a lattice screen to it adding beauty and allowing a view of the inside.

8. Fence between the Walls

Fence between the Walls

Use steel slats in between closely standing walls for your front yard. The elegant look features the classic color mix of black and white. You may opt to use dwarf walls to support the fence in between or you can choose to opt-out of these walls.

9. Or Use Gray Fence

Use Gray Fence

The previous entry used the traditional mix of paints with white for concrete and black for steel. You can reverse the colors and apply dark colors on the concrete and white for the horizontal metal fence.

10. Or White

Or White

Gray is a cool and inviting color to use for the fence if it’s chosen rightly. But when you use black for the walls, you make two colors – or color pallets – available to you for the fence.

The other of these two colors is white. Go for pure white. Or feel free to experiment with half-white.

11. And Only White

And Only White

Black and gray or black and white contrast is classic and cool. But contrasting your fence’s colors is not a necessity. You can build the whole boundary of your front yard in a single color. White is especially an easy color to use for your front yard wall and fences. If you still want to mix it, choose between different shades of white to go with fences and pillars.

12. Concrete and Wood

Concrete and Wood

Instead of building a fence between the walls, this idea requires you to build it within the wall. On the upper half of the wall, you leave room for the horizontal fence. Again, you have lots of color matches to choose from.

13. Basket Weave Fence

Basket Weave Fence

If you love natural, wood fence ideas; this basket pattern of woven is for you. Get it stained in different colors to keep it shining and attractive.

14. Woven Slat Fence for Backyard

Woven Slat Fence for Backyard

You can resort to a simpler pattern of wood planks woven around the support.

15. Metal and Wood

Metal and Wood

Why would you choose a horizontal fence over its vertical counterpart? It’s because of style and durability, right? Achieve both results by mixing the two styles.

On vertical metal slats, build a wooden horizontal fence. Further, differentiate the two fences with colors.

16. Rustic Slats

Rustic Slats

It is another common fence idea that is beautified because of the presence of corners. The rustic planks attract more attention when they combine with white corners – also made of wood. Other than these corners, you wouldn’t use horizontal wood panels.

17. Horizontal Wooden Fence with Space for Planters

Horizontal Wooden Fence with Space for Planters

This fence uses horizontal wood planks and leaves space for built-in planters.

18. Pallet Fence for Front Yard

Pallet Fence for Front Yard

Are you convinced by the popularity of pallet furnishings? Use it to your advantage. Get your front yard fence built with a pallet. Add natural wood to support and finish the structure and enjoy the rustic ambiance.

19. Frosted Glass Panels with Glass Door

Frosted Glass Panels with Glass Door

If you are obsessed with getting a sophisticated look for your front yard, you may want to use glass horizontal panels for its fence. Luckily, frosted glass is meant to extend the much-needed sense of privacy to homeowners.

If you are using these panels to define the boundaries of your premises, you can opt to use the same glass panels for the wicket as well.

20. Black Iron Fence

Black Iron Fence

One among low-cost fence designs, the black iron fence is sleek and simple. You get the ready-made fence with horizontal iron slats painted in black and voila you’ve got your fence for the front yard.

21. Wooden Pallet Garden Fence

Wooden Pallet Garden Fence

All you have to do is to pile pallets on top of each other to make the fence.

22. Stylish Pallet Fence

Stylish Pallet Fence

This one uses a palette but the arrangement is mixed and charming. You have to attach these pallets at random distances –after separating its pieces.

Give it a dark stain for proper finishing.

23. Brick and Garden

Brick and Garden

What’s a better boundary for your front yard than a garden built within the wall?

24. Stained Board on Railings

I admit this is a vertical fence with vertical railings supporting the wood planks. Nevertheless, the horizontal, stained planks are more prominent, extending a modern look.

25. Wall Planters on Concrete

Wall Planters on Concrete

Use long, wooden wall planters to decorate the outermost wall of your home. Spread them randomly across the wall.

26. Laser Cut Steel Panels

Laser Cut Steel Panels

Use steel panels for more creativity. Get those cut horizontally allowing the colorful vibe of the front lawn to escape the boundary.

27. Metal Sheets Fence for Backyard

Metal Sheets Fence for Backyard

Block the view completely without compromising on style. Use corrugated metal sheets and support them with wood.

28. Stepped Horizontal Fence for Stairs

Stepped Horizontal Fence for Stairs

Use a wooden privacy screen to build a stepped horizontal fence to cover the stairs.

29. Stepped Wooden Fence with Frosted Glass

Frosted glass will block the view while maintaining the beauty of the boundary.

30. Wooden Fence with Frosted Glass

Essentially, this fence is made of frosted glass only. But you give it some wood presence by using a wooden wicket door.

31. Stylish Horizontal Bamboo Fence

Stylish Horizontal Bamboo Fence

Bamboos are good only when they make a fence vertically, right? Wrong! They are beautiful either way.

32. Sloped Horizontal Wooden Fence

Let the wooden texture capture hearts while maintaining the privacy of your premises. This fence is stepped so you don’t have to worry about cutting every piece according to the size.

33. Horizontal and Vertical Mix Bamboo Fence

And you can choose to mix the two styles as well! Add more emphasis by showing off blocks of vertical and horizontal bamboo with wooden corners.

34. Woven Bamboo Fence for Slope

Or use woven bamboo screens to use a stepped fence.

35. Wood Mixed Fence Style

To add versatility, you can mix things up. Make a fence with wooden planks attached vertically in some parts and horizontally in others.

36. Corrugated Metal Boxes Fence

Use corrugated metal somewhere horizontally, somewhere vertically, and surround each piece with wood corners.

37. Corten Steel Garden

Get long corten steel planters and grow horsetails to get the natural screen for your front yard.

38. DIY Cedar Wall Planter

Are you looking for DIY fence ideas?

These horizontal wall planters are a great way to create a fence with planters. And you get a vertical garden without sacrificing space. Use this tutorial to DIY the planters.

For Backyard

40. Privacy Screen Fence for Front Yard

This is a great idea for those households who want to limit exposure. Yes, privacy screens are not entirely private but one can only see through it if he gets too close to it and peeks intentionally. Otherwise, the vision will be obstructed and incomplete.

39. Stylish Privacy Fence

You don’t want to compromise on privacy but you don’t want to use those boring fences with wood planks sticking together. All is not lost.

You can create a shadow box pattern by placing every other wood plank slightly extended while allowing the others to remain behind.

40. Shadow Box Pallet Fence

Get the visual appeal that is unique to shadowbox fences and combine it with pallet texture.

41. Black Wall Fence

Another sophisticated style for a front yard fence is a simple wooden fence painted black. Autonomy is the primary quality of this color so you would want to use this style if you want to put up a high-privacy fence.

42. Wood Wall

We can discern from its name that it’s a solid wall built from compactly attached wooden planks. Add beauty with rich stains.

For Garden

43. Frosted Glass Panels

If you are using this fence, you are not only guarding your garden against unsolicited entry but also giving it some privacy. And you do it without compromising on its aesthetics.

These panels can be kept close to each other or you can use a larger distance between them to allow the view from the outside. Finish it with wood or metal corners. Brown gives a cool contrast to these gray panels.

44. A Fence between Stone Walls

You will love this design as it’s modern and stylish and boosts your curb appeal considerably. For the fence, you have to use just any privacy fence with a smooth texture and use a dark stain to finish it. The stone walls use small stones and you can finish the look by creating pebbled floors at its foundation.

45. Another Wooden Wall

This compact wooden wall is further decorated with some shelves to keep your beloved plants.

46. Horizontal Perforated Metal Sheets

Use this amazing style to build a unique, yet thoughtful fence. Use it to ensure privacy and experiment with colors.

47. Horizontal Wood Fence

Got a plethora of flowers and colors which are too lovely to hide? This horizontal fence uses equal-sized wood planks at small distances to not reveal all the details while allowing the onlookers to enjoy the scenery.

48. Barn Wood Style Fence

When you have lots of colors in your garden to show off, you wouldn’t want to use a dull short fence to define it. Paint the barn-style fence in bright colors.

49. Stacked Fence

This style is solid yet allows the visitors to appreciate the view of your garden. The planks are stacked on top of each other with some space left between them.

50. Woven Wood Fence

Build a short fence with wooden planks woven around the metal support.

51. Horizontal Bamboo Fence

You may have seen a lot of fences made entirely of bamboo. Did you see any of them built horizontally?

These are in trend these days. And they are perfect for ensuring the privacy of your front yard.

Add horizontal bamboos in between to increase the support.

52. Varying Width Fence

Use wood planks of various widths. And leave different distances among them creating a visually appealing fence.

53. Wooden Louver Fence

For privacy, you would louver fences. Beware; they may still give away some view from the inside if the viewer is watching closely.

54. Vinyl Louver Fence

For the louver fence, you can also choose vinyl material for easy styling.

Take Away

Modern horizontal fence ideas are around for quite some time and people have started adapting them because of its functionality and durability. These fences are attractive and appealing.

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